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HexTech Research s.r.o. is a technology company specializing in the development of data analysis and automation solutions.

We harness cutting-edge technology and deep expertise in artificial intelligence to deliver sophisticated products that consistently meet and exceed our clients' high standards.


At HexTech Research s.r.o., our primary focus is the development of a platform called Aurora, specifically designed for researchers. Aurora accelerates the evaluation of research by automating the processing of experimental data through AI-powered image recognition. In addition, it offers extensive data storage capacity. This dual functionality supports researchers by streamlining data management and enhancing the speed and accuracy of their analyses.

Our current AI model is capable of independently identifying objects of interest, segregating them, categorizing them into a database that it also self-creates, and analyzing them.

Take the following example: the model identifies and separates Petri dishes from the background. It also identifies and segregates microorganisms within those dishes. The process concludes by measuring them in relation to the size of the Agar and counting the number of colonies present in the dish. Both of these pieces of information are critical for determining the success of an experiment. However, obtaining this data manually can be time-consuming, expensive, and prone to inaccuracies. This is where Aurora, with its automation capabilities, becomes invaluable.

The same model used in the previous example was also applied to experimental data from gel electrophoresis. The study aimed to separate proteins using an electric current and then evaluate them by integrating the intensity of each blue mark in the samples.

Remarkably, our model successfully evaluated all samples without the need to significantly alter the settings, despite the substantial differences in the input data. This demonstrates the adaptability and versatility of our AI-powered technology.


Within a mere few months of our project's inception, we've secured collaborations with numerous institutes. This has been made possible thanks to Aurora's remarkable flexibility in processing diverse data types with exceptional precision.

Special thanks

As the founder of this company and leader of our research group, I, Jan Hrudka, would like to extend my gratitude to Ing. Michaela Švarcová from the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. Her inspiration led to the revival of this project and shed light on the current status and potential of an application I initially developed during the first year of my bachelor's studies. Her interest in this application has fundamentally transformed my life, a change for which I am profoundly grateful. I eagerly anticipate our future collaborations and the advancements they will undoubtedly bring.

I am also deeply thankful to Ing. Kristína Trebulová and her dedicated research group at the Faculty of Chemistry, Brno University of Technology. Our longstanding, productive collaboration has provided an invaluable platform for the development and practical testing of my functions and algorithms. Their constructive feedback has been instrumental in facilitating progress. Above all, their unwavering support and inspiration throughout this collaboration have been truly uplifting, and for that, I am immensely appreciative.

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